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Our Story

"riley was officially diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma. and tonight, he starts his first round of chemotherapy. we're hoping he responds well to this first section of treatment. over the next five/six months, he will go through five cycles of chemo, stem cell collection, and tumor removal surgery. and that's just section one out of a possible 4. we're hoping it responds well to chemo and shrinks it good so the surgery can get the rest out. but that's awhile away, we still have four cycles before that. but tonight is day 1. a week ago we were convinced he was doing better and had beat whatever virus he was dealing with. and now, we're about to start treatment for one of the more aggressive childhood cancers. life can change drastically in an instant, so please live each day to the fullest! we are ready to fight this thing! riley is tough and cancer messed with the wrong toddler! #Beanstrong "


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